I have always been a fan of classic staples; from my hair down to my shoe selection. I think that every time when someone asks me how would I describe my personal style, I’d say, “I’ve always been a a mix of classy, preppy, & street.” which a lot of you would probably agree with me, according to how I present myself all the time personally and online. – so if you’re a fan of classic and original yet iconic pieces, you’ll love what Original Penguin has in store for us to their newest original concept store in Powerplant Mall.

First off, did you know Original Penguin by Musingwear is a classic American retail brand that has established its global significance in the fashion industry since 1955. To date, the lifestyle clothing line has vast stores worldwide, namely in America, Europe, and Asia. Original Penguin is distributed exclusively in the Philippines by Anthem Group PH. Which by the way, I don’t know what will happen if this is not handled by this retail group. I think they did an exemplary job taking care of this brand and more.

The new Rockwell location showcases Original Penguin’s aesthetic of contemporary style, without compromising it’s classic appeal. The brand is now larger than ever, becoming a one-stop shop that features its classic and latest collection of apparel and accessories.

So what are the 5 things I like about the New Original Penguin Store in Powerplant Mall? Read through.

1) Besides me being giddy about the new store that it’s located to a premiere mall – I’m all about living for spacious places. I love how big their store is and how well organized they’ve arranged their pieces. You can easily go through the items as quickly and as slowly as you can and still can move freely and not be bombarded by the smallest things.


2) With the wide array of classic apparel for men, women, and children to enjoy and get dressed up with. The new store also carries the latest collection, called “Mixtape”, which I think everyone of you will love! It features eclectic references of the modern world combined with the 90’s casual and beach-inspired lifestyle. Filled with stripes, color-blocking, and prints.


3) This would probably be one of the things that I looked forward to at the store launch because the tito in me is happier more than ever. lol. – Inspired by their classic golf shirt, the limited edition Original Penguin line features, comfortable beddings and decorative throw pillows suited for modern home. Comforters and sheet sets are available in twin, queen, and king sizes and comes in designs featuring multiple patterns and colors for customers like me to choose from.


4) Ever since, I’m always on a look out for affordable, durable, and stylish travel items. I love how Original Penguin introduces the Montana Luggage , with a hard outer shell designed for function and durability. It is available in three sizes and colors. These limited suitcases can easily help you get stylish to your next vacation ensemble and by the way, it’s only available at their Powerplant Mall branch only. So I’m guessing stocks are limited. You know the drill. *winks*


5) I think what’s more fun than picking up what items to buy in their spacious store is to actually getting to try it before you buy! I’m speechless to their nicely done fitting rooms. It’s really huge and you have all the time in the world to take photos in it with it’s perfect yellow backdrop and huge a** mirror to go with. lol. Go to their store and see it for yourself 😉


6) Lastly and again, another favorite part of the new concept store – Original Penguin is one of the first international fashion brand to hold a full-service barbershop inside its retail stores. Exclusive to its Powerplant and SM Mall of Asia outlets is the House of Handsome, Original Penguin’s in-house barbeshop. Operated by the skillful and trained barbers of Felipe & Sons. I’ve been a Felipe & Sons’ fan ever since I can remember. That’s one of the few men’s barbershop I really like getting my hair done so I have no doubts to their barbers. They offer specialized cuts and grooming services that cater to the needs of the modern gentlemen of all ages, making it a perfect bonding place for fathers and sons.


With all of the things I mentioned above the Original Penguin’s newest concept store is a full service space where you can get everything to complete your classic yet contemporary style staples. Located at the new wing on the 2nd floor of Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati. No doubt that you’ll get something out of there once you get out of their store. Created by nothing and no one but The Originals.

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