Never have I thought that I’ll be in this place where I am now just because I made sure that I look my best all the time. I really can’t believe that sharing what I wear on my social media can affect the lives of many and can affect me as a person. Because growing up I was never the type of kid who really thinks about what I should wear whenever I go out or do something, maybe because during that time I don’t have the authority yet to dress myself neither to buy my own clothes. But as I went through college I told myself that this time I have dress myself and I have to build my career by looking and being my best.


For me, clothes are just as important as the things that you place on your body. It can either make you or break you, which is I totally agree on. As I said earlier, during my college years this is where I started dressing up, but of course during those moments it was still a trial and error process because this is where you think about what looks good on your body type, or what suits your personal style, and what do you think it’s appropriate for a certain occasion or place or more so, the season where you are located. Since then, I was drawn to clothes and dressing up, not that it became my profession but as an art graduate and now a freelance creative and it made me feel more confident about myself and made me feel that I can be ready to face the world any second.


Personally, creating looks every time I have to go to events, meeting, or just a casual day out is a challenge for me already, but I’m really the type of person that mixes clothes whenever I get the chance to. I like to mix clothes depending on the season of trends and such as and I made sure that I mixed my clothes that are high-end, mid-end, low-end brands or even thrifted pieces. And I think this where the part you’ll be able to experience and pursue your own creativity and knowledge to what Power Dressing is all about.


I think most of the clothes I have in my closet are either in the season of trends or out of the season of trends. But for me either in or out, I still wear them whenever I can and taking care of my clothes is very important to me. Investing on clothes is like investing for your lives’ worth I got to keep it long term. That’s why I keep them inside my cabinet and storage boxes and I made sure they are properly arranged and not difficult to use whenever I need to. And I really believe that Fashion Care is very important not just to me but also to everyone.

Watch Rajo Laurel talks about the Electrolux Fashion Care Washing Machines and how it helped him as a designer and of course as living legend in the fashion industry.

Good thing Electrolux invented their very own Fashion Care, now I don’t have to worry because they can make my or your favorite pieces look for longer use. Get ready to experience a whole new way of washing with Electrolux. Designed to fit perfectly into your laundry and lifestyle, wash all kinds of garments thanks to a washing machine that loves and cares for your clothes as much as you do. From everyday items to delicate designer pieces, your clothes will retain their softness, shape and color. Want to know more about these unique Electrolux Washing Machines and why you should invest on them, read below:

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 9.20.53 PM

1) The new UltraMix Technology retains your clothes’ softness, shape, and color. The water is pre-mixed with the detergent and activated even in cold water, ensuring a deep yet gentle clean and delivers an exceptional deep clean even at 30°C, keeping your clothes vibrant and newer for longer.

2) Electrolux Vapour Refresh program, you will get wrinkle-free clothes with less ironing hassle. It refreshes your clothes, leaving them smelling fresh and looking like new.

3) Electrolux Load Sensor™ automatically senses load weight, determines optimal washing time, water and detergent while guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency.

4) Electrolux EcoInverter reduces energy consumption by 75%* while guaranteeing long lasting performance and silent operation.

5) Electrolux Vapour Care reduces allergens by up to 99.9% even at 40°C while taking care of your family’s well-being.

6) Electrolux washing machine cares for every precious piece. The Woolmark Apparel Care certifies the gentlest treatment and care of hand-wash only woolens.

Again, tip is to make sure that the clothes you are investing now is what you can use for long term and you know that even years have passed you’ll be able to still rock them out because they are still good as new. And since we’re talking about investments, make sure the appliances you use to wash your clothes has a love and care that you give also to your clothes. Thus, Electrolux’s Fashion Care Washing Machine is the solution! 😉


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      Aww, thank you Yuki! this means a lot! <3

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    Worth reading for Zedrik! Lovin’ your styles when it comes to your ootd’s🙌🏻💯

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