Outfit: 3-Piece suit by Paulo Lazaro | White polo long sleeves (Perry Ellis) | Watch (Bulova) | Shoes (Aldo)

Can’t think of a better title for this post but a pun that either you or I can benefit from. I just knew I look like someone who helps you if you’re at the bank or if you’re looking for something to invest on. But of course, a cute one. *smirk* Considering my background for the photos and what I’m wearing I can’t help but think about my future. As cliche as it sounds, yes, even though I’m still young, I’m not getting younger anymore and sooner or later I have to dress up and man up to formal events that challenges my creativity and style. Hence, this post.

One of which was the recently concluded event, E! Bloggers Ball happened last September 16, 2017 at City Of Dreams Manila. A night full of people dressing up and looking their best. Also, it’s an awards night of the local bloggers/vloggers nominated for a certain category care of E! Philippines.

I’m happy that this year, I was able to plan out what I’m going to wear, compared last year. I’m so happy to be given a chance to wear a Paulo Lazaro suit. Paulo is actually a friend of mine, we met on instagram and since then we became friends. He creates suits for different guys in different industries commonly known in the showbiz! He created suits for John Lloyd Cruz, Enrique Gil, Daniel Padilla, Edward Barber, etc. and still it’s an on going fashion business for him. A passionate and driven guy like him deserves a recognition for creating these amazing suits. I approached him if I can wear one of his beloved pieces and this Dark Blue 3-pc suit instantly got my attention and connects with me to what I want to look like at this year’s Bloggers Ball. I want to still feel that laid back thing going on but still formal & stylish to the event proper.

This Dark colored 3-pc suit has the coat, the waistcoat or the vest, and the pants of course. He added up the feather pin and pulled out the red hanky at the front of the coat for that “Damn, I wanna date you.” kind of look. You can either wear it without a tie or with a tie but I decided to not wear one since I wanna look chill for this one. Plus I want them to appreciate the beauty of the suit by not putting a tie that can overpower the look. Added the white polo long sleeves that is easily seen in most guys wearing a 3 piece suit, but you can actually wear an outstanding color besides white (but white ain’t a color *wink*). Thank you so much, Paulo for the trust!

Let me know your thoughts! Comment down below! What do you think about my suit? and if there’s anything I can help you with, don’t be shy and comment them down below! I’d be happy to answer 😉


DSCF8555        DSCF8543



DSCF8546        DSCF8552





Photos by Joana Zandra.
Photos edited in Adobe Lightroom.

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