Best thing about ending your summer is to celebrate it in an island. Well that’s for me, I’m sure you have a lot of ways to celebrate it but for me it’s in the epic shores of Boracay, Philippines, mainly because it’s all about having fun under the sun while partying with your friends or love ones, with overflowing boozes, great food, and of course the love and care you give back to the environment after that one of a kind wild night.

I just don’t know where to begin this post. I had the most wonderful epic 4-day labor weekend, all thanks to Globe! Well if you didn’t hear it or see it on my posts during those moments, that they turned the whole stretch of the island to a one whole party venue like no other! They have Globe Sunkissed, Globe Super Paradise, and Globe At Home to name a few. They literally made the whole island a telecom center but even better and of course, a fun & epic one considering every labor weekend in Boracay there are about 50,000 to 60,000 tourists joining in the craze!


More than anything I was there with some of my good friends from the industry, such as Ave, Etienne, Rod, MJ, The Whole Globe Social and PR Team, and met new friends such as Marj & Gab. I felt like I was an alcoholic during those 4 days. LOL. Kidding but literally the boozes are overflowing and the DJs such as DJ Kat, DJ Mars Miranda and more just let you turn it up and dance the night away!

By the way guys, I didn’t bring my camera with me during the parties, I just used my phone camera that’s why I’m sorry for the low quality of the images.


Of course we didn’t just party everyday and all night! We gave back to the island like a good citizen does, as we joined the island clean up that helps sustain Boracay’s name as still one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. Yup, that’s how we roll. Party & clean up! I mean, I love how Globe co-established this idea to the people of Boracay that it’s not just about having fun but more so helping the island gain more tourists as every year passes by. More importantly, Globe also partnered with the Coral Foundation to help save the remaining corals of Boracay and add more, to help and save are little friends under the sea.


One of the photos I really like the most was with this guy, behind Globe’s ultimate success, CEO Sir Ernest Cu. Look at me how cute I am. JOKE. I feel like a fan inside.


I can’t thank enough Globe for bringing me to Boracay to experience this one of a kind summer party adventure once again! Thank you so much to the whole team, to Arianne & Krisca! Thank you! Surely I’m still on sea-panx mode seeing these images again. ;)’til the next one?

Hope you like this post! Comment down below if you wanna experience #GlobeBoracay too! 🙂

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