Are you always on the move, or maybe just itching to travel, or go on adventures like me? If yes, have you checked your long list of which essential stuff to bring with you? If you have been travelling as much as I do, you would have realized by now that travelling can be a bit challenging sometimes. Whenever you go to a place you haven’t been to before, it requires some degree of “bravery” to fully enjoy the experience. Especially if you’re travelling alone!

Braving the city will always be one of the best things anyone can do to learn or experience from their travels. Whenever I go out of town, or simply just commute around the metro, I always make sure that I am gear-ready and prepared to take on the day step by step. Who knew that being prepared to whatever may come would eventually make you a better individual?


As a modern dapper myself, I make sure that whenever I go out everything’s complete with the items I’m bringing that’s why a good bag is a must and an organizer that go with it. A dapper guy like me can’t live without his essential.

Let the truth be told, we’re such a sucker for bags and travel gears that are purely functional and yet fashionable and stylish. I think everyone I know agrees with me. I mean, who would even say no to travel/everyday essentials that can go with your personalities and lifestyle, even if you’re an Urban Dweller, a Weekend Warrior, a Bus Gymnast, a Railway Athlete, a Hippy Jetsetter, or a Multi-tasking Expert, URBANIZE has your back. *wink*

A few days back, URBANIZE have invited me over to a fun-filled day activity at Spatzle Euro Market Cafe, Edsa Shangrila Mall, wherein we learned so much from the brand itself. The brand has fully maximized its target and capabilities to reach its end user. It serves as the reflection of the rugged city streets, the smart casual weekend hangouts and the busy business districts of the metropolis. Urbanize is all about it’s customer, the question is never about them.



As I was saying, before I rudely interrupted myself (lol), Urbanize created an event for us bloggers to express ourselves through the brand. Wherein we were separated into two groups; that’s Team A & Team B. I was part of Team A and I was grouped with my co-bloggers Kally, JP, Kyna, and Charlene. Basically there are 3 activities in-lined for us that day, first was to style two of your co-bloggers in your group with Urbanize products. We went inside the store of Urbanize inside Shangrila Mall near the event venue and stunned to see so many items we could pick inside the store. But sadly we can only pick the products to what lifestyle type we chose to do. There were 4 different lifestyle that they gave and I chose to be the Dapper Business Class guy and my partner, Kyna was the Hippy Jetsetter. Which I think my group and I styled Kyna and myself nicely to what the chosen lifestyle was all about.


Second was the flat lay challenge, wherein we were given a bag filled with Urbanize items to finish the challenge and as a common way of how blogger take photos of products, we were asked to do a flat lay photo!


The last challenge was the “Mannequin Challenge”, which is for me the most super fun challenge out of the three! I always wanted to do it for a brand and Urbanize helped me achieved it! (Ticking that off in my bucket list. LOL) We were given three poses with the Ubranize items and I think we just slayed every angle, even though the space for the show window is at a foot only still we gotta work on that blogger poses!

Every challenge was literally a challenge because of the time frame given and to only little items we can only choose from the wide range of selections. (heart melts)

The last part of the activity was a mini photography workshop care of lifestyle photographer and Urbanizer himself, Jay Jallorina, which I learned so much from. He said that photography should be something you’re passionate about. That you don’t expect something from it at first, but eventually as time goes on and as you learn from different life experience about photography, that it’s not always about the money, it’s about what you let people see through your photos and how can they relate to you.


Thank you so much, URBANIZE for having me that day and a few gifts you guys gave! I had so much fun and I learned so much from you guys as brand! Thank you for creating your brand with us as your main characters. 😉


Here are there 4 items that got me hooked more about URBANIZE:

a) CABIN ZERO backpack – it’s like a suitcase but it’s on a backpack form. What I like about it is that it’s airline approved, it fits on smaller cabins with the size of 42 x 32 x 25 cm. It’s super mega ultra light that it can maximize your luggage weight allowance. It has a Fitted Tracker Tag that conforms to Global Airline Standards which every bag should have so you can never lose your bag again! Lastly it’s Lined with perfect reinforced stitching that can strongly hold your important stuff inside your bag.
b) QUENCH2O bottle – I absolutely adore this bottle! It is made up of insulated stainless steel that can hold your hot drinks up to 12 hrs and cold drinks up to 24 hrs. Who wouldn’t want an eco-friendly water bottle that comes in black color.
c) LEWIS N CLARK expandable packing cube – I don’t usually store my under garments inside a specific bag but when Urbanize introduced this to me, looks like I have to get another in different size or color! It’s perfect mainly because of it’s ultra-lightweight packing organization, Extra 3in compartment that provides expansion and compression, and lastly a durable silnylon fabric that is water- and stain-resistant.
d) CRABBY wallet – I always wanted a mini money/card holder whenever I go out for a little while and this blue and red crabby wallet just made my life easier when I place money/card inside my pocket.

Thank you so much again, URBANIZE for these items!

Urbanize is located at U.P. Town Center, Gateway, Shangri-La, The 30th Mall, Glorietta3, Uptown BGC, Venice Grand Canal, Kiss & Fly NAIA Terminal 3, Alabang Town Center, The District-Imus, Solenad and Serin – Tagaytay.

Don’t forget to follow them on their social media pages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbanizeph
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urbanizeph/

Thank you to my good friend, Michael Macalos for my outfit photos. –

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