5 Things I Like About The New Flawless Trinoma Clinic

Health always comes first. Thus having a healthy skin is a must! That’s why I got kilig when Flawless made me part of their growing family. Gotta get rid of the acnes, black & whiteheads, and dirty swarming my face and make sure my skin is always picture ready. (So please excuse my face on these blogpost because I shot these photos after my procedure already.)

If you have been following me on my social media accounts, I went to Flawless’ New Trinoma Clinic to have my first procedure with Flawless there and literally I got stunned by the place and blown how the service went, which caused me to post this on my blog. So without further a do, here are the 5 things I like or which eventually you’ll like if you happen to find yourself inside The New Flawless Trinoma Clinic:

1. When you enter the Flawless Trinoma Clinic, you’ll be welcomed by Flawless’ dermatologists to help you sort out the things you need to get done or what procedure you should get and what suits you better. Plus, I love the fact that they smile to their customers, dress up neatly, and always look professionally to their customers no matter what day brings.


2. Inside the Flawless Trinoma Clinic, you can see everything are well organized and properly well placed for their customers to see. Unlike any other Flawless branch, they made assure that this branch has everything inside for a fuss-free situation to their patients. They arranged everything to their facial kits to their sanitary areas.


3. I’m loving this area at their Trinoma Clinic, they have a powder area to freshen up before you get out of the clinic after your procedure!


4. This is where the magic happens! I love how spacious this branch is! (Hindi kayo siksikan!) and ofcourse, it’s well maintained and cleaned. They also have a private treatment area for you to enjoy a private moment inside the clinic while having your procedure. They gave me the Real Gentlemen Advanced Facial or as what they call it, the RG Facial Service.


Look how happy I am since I’m a first timer at this branch and I just love everything about. I can’t wait to go back! Thanks to ate for making my skin happy!


5. Last is definitely how they built this place and this new logo door knob that is definitely an instagram worthy moment if you shot it outside the clinic! Like what I did.


Thank you so much, Flawless for having me over and I can’t wait for more beautiful years with you! Special thanks to Pao for fixing everything whenever I visit Flawless clinic and for keeping me fresh all the time. Thank you and congratulations again, Flawless team for the new look!

Disclaimer: All of the things I said on this blogpost was purely based on my experience.

Thanks to Jessa for helping me out with my photos!

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