Experience Baguio The Azalea Style

Maybe I’m that type of person that will never get tired of going to Baguio. This city is known to be one of the best tourist destinations here in the Philippines. It has that perfect weather especially during the -ber months of the year, a weather that you can do lots of layerings to your ootds. It’s also a place where you can experience Panagbenga Festival like no other, dine in to different underground restaurants and coffee shops, and a perfect getaway from the busy and hustle situation happening in Manila for about 4-5 hours away. I think you can’t explore Baguio for just a few days, that’s maybe the reason I keep on coming back.

That’s why if you have been following me on social media, you know that I’ve been to Baguio many times and when Azalea Residences & Hotels team and OutofTownBlog.com – owner, Melo Villareal invited me over and some of my blog friends to experience The Summer Capital of the Philippines all over again with full accommodations from Azalea Residences & Hotels, definitely I said yes instantly!

Last May 17, It was such an early day start but worth waking up for. 6 AM was our meet up time at McDonald’s, Centris, and of course being Zed, I was late. I think it was about 6:30 AM when I arrived and everyone was there already. It was an early head start for us so we can arrive at Azalea Residences & Hotels before lunch time. We were drove by Azalea’s service vans going there and we were fully taken care off going there arriving just in time. I was so excited to explore Baguio again when were our way, looking at our itinerary and Melo giving us some heads up, I think this trip will be worth the experience.

A little background of Azalea Residences & Hotels in Baguio is that it’s located at along Leonard Wood Loop, off the busy central district of Baguio City but conveniently close to the city’s must see destination, the narrow uphill street leading to Azalea Residences Baguio is very unassuming of what lies ahead. At the end of the road is a magnificently massive deluxe serviced apartment composed of 99 modern luxury suites, each unit having its own kitchen, living and bedroom areas, touted to become the only hotel in Baguio with full services and amenities of an upscale serviced apartment. (Words by http://www.azaleabaguio.com/)



Arriving at Azalea Residences and Hotels was easy and breezy, I was literally in shocked when we arrived. Every corner of Azalea were photo worthy and as much I want to share photos to every corner and facade of Azalea to you guys, I just can’t! Because I want you to see it for yourself. But of course I couldn’t leave the place empty handed so I took some for you guys. LOL. I’m just kidding, I took a lot!

As you can see Azalea Residences and Hotels Baguio is such an awesome place to be, for they did not lose the essence of being located in Baguio. They still built the place according to how Baguio is placed. They had the exteriors and interiors as if it was a real home – a cozy and comfy place to be in. I love the wooden structures, trees and gardens around the place.


When we entered Azalea, I was so excited because it was my first time to be here in Azalea Baguio. Melo along with the Azalea Baguio Team, fixed our hotel rooms coordinately. Everyone from Azalea Baguio was so accommodating, no wonder this hotel has a lot of good reviews to different weblogs and hotel review websites!


But before we went to our rooms, we had a scrumptious lunch at Tradisyon Cafe. It’s located at the ground floor near the elevators and at the diagonal right side of the front desk area. Okay look, don’t judge. My blog friends and I was so hungry we forgot to take photos of our food. Luckily I got a photo to one of the first dishes we had here in Azalea Baguio, it’s this Grilled Squid. Also, I discovered their Iced Coffee & Hot Chocolate. A must try when you’re checked in at Azalea Baguio.

What I like about the Tradisyon Cafe is that it’s not your typical hotel meals and food being served, they have different food everyday and every night.


Finally! Time to go our hotel room! I was paired up with my bestfriend blogger, Duff Orate. Finally someone who will take my photos nicely during my trip!

We stayed in pre-assigned rooms by Azalea Team, we stayed at a 2-bedroom suite with a back-view entrance. Not really a balcony type but a place to chill outside while you’re inside your hotel room. This room is too big for us and I think 4-5 adults can stay in one hotel room and I think this is somehow a Azalea built their hotel rooms so that per room, it’s worth staying. I think our room is about 14,000/night. (That price though!)

You can check out, Trice Nagusara’s blog for the room full view. As I wasn’t able to take photos of our whole room in wide shots because I didn’t bring my kit lens with me.


Aside from those tempting beds to just stay in and rest, our room has two toilet and bath areas; one inside the Master’s Bedroom and one at the living room area (it’s like a common bathroom for everyone). They have a hot and cold shower (which I love about, because Baguio can really be cold in the morning or throughout the day so I think having that kind of shower is a winner for me!). They also have a hair dryer, ironing facilities, and we all know these; the Azalea’s branded bathing necessities.


You know what’s more interesting besides our comfy hotel beds and clean bathrooms, that it’s not your typical hotel room. It really was a residences type of room, because they have a dining area, a kitchen where you can borrow pots, silverwares, pans, and assigned refs, microwaves, and stoves wherein you can cook. A very worthy place to stay because you can cook inside your hotel room. A cheaper take when your in Baguio.


That’s it for the room tour! We have a little time to enjoy the room before head out for our first itinerary! But before anything else, what do fashion bloggers do when they are out of town and dressed up very nicely? Of course, #OOTD time!

Well for our first day, I know it’s going to be hectic because of the very early call time and a little adjusting to where we heading so I opted for something I can walk in easily. Can I just say it again that this is what I like about Baguio, you can wear your very nice outwear and not care about the weather at all!


That’s Duff right there! My very awesome photographer for this trip. LOL. Well, if you’re following me on instagram, he is the guy behind my ootd pictures during our Baguio trip.


Don’t you just love Azalea Baguio already? Every place is worth taking your ootd pictures!


Less talk about me, time to head to our first itinerary here in Baguio! As I’ve mentioned awhile ago I love dining in to new spots especially coffee shops and Cafe Yagam was too perfect, located at 25 J. Felipe St., Lualhati, Gibraltar, this coffee shop was to good to be true! One of Baguio’s picturesque and cozy coffee shops, which offers authentic cordilleran food and coffee. #17 out of 247 places to eat in Baguio according to Trip Advisory.


The cozy and homy feeling that Cafe Yagam is giving me is something I want to share to you guys about. Given that the food and coffee was as a great as the place, I assure once you sit down, take a book, and listen to their open session you wouldn’t want to go home.


Look at me at the photo above, I’m surely taking it all-in. Everything was so delicious, I just want to take them all out and it another batch inside my hotel room. I’m not really a fan of hot coffee but their Arabica Coffee tastes so great and it matches their Kiniwar (their sweet sticky rice!), Inanchilia or Kalinga Sticky Rice, that looks and tastes like Suman, and their Pesto Sandwich to top it all up.


After we went to Cafe Yagam, we had another scrumptious dinner at Tradisyon Dinner for their American Night feast! You heard that right, Chicken, Pastas, and Pizzas! We’re being too spoiled by the Azalea Residences and Hotels Baguio Team. Just the perfect dinner before head out for our last itinerary, which is the Ukay-Ukay Market with a twist!

I heard that Baguio is very famous for their Ukay-Ukay Night Market! Which I was so excited to share to you some of the stuff I got! Mostly are outwears.


Credits to Ana Gonzales for this photo!

I think we were the 3rd batch to experience Azalea Baguio that has the Ukay-Ukay Challenge added up to the itinerary! We were divided to 5 teams and given 500 pesos to create a whole look! (Check out the photo below, that’s Michael Macalos and that’s the less than 500 pesos look! But sadly we didn’t win.)


Taken by Me from Michael‘s Camera


Up so early because our 2nd day was so jampacked! First of all and before anything else again, shoot for ootd first of course and had a perfect breakfast at Tradisyon Cafe to start off this day!



First stop was the Chinese Bell Church – This is where you can find the glimpse of China. It is Taoist Church located at the boundary of Baguio City and heading to La Trinidad, Benguet. I was so amazed on how the place was built and how history depicts itself from here. The design of the walls and infrastructure of the place was based on the dragon’s body. This huge Chinese place features a lot of intricate well-designed arches and buildings with flags, bells, and dragons, and a lot of walls that has Chinese characters written perfectly. What was more amazing was how the landscapes were placed inside the Bell Church. Though I don’t understand Chinese, this place should be respected once you go in. (It is open to public from 6 AM to 5 PM only)



Second stop was the Ben Cab Museum, I’ve been here from my last trip at Baguio with my family but really didn’t get to fully understand the place. Ben Cab Museum is located at Km 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Baguio, the perfect location for this perfect museum because of it’s overlooking mountains and trail parks and matching artworks to go with it. This ever famous museum is owned by Ben Cabrera himself. This is a perfect place for both art and nature lovers! You get to see a wide range of art collections from different inspired eras of paintings and real-life installations. They also have the Cafe Sabel for you to get refreshments and eat when you get hungry. I’m so honored and happy to experience this. Definitely worth the long travel from the main city.



The third stop was, the Diplomat Hotel (key-in horror music. LOL) I’m still scared of going here considering from the last experience I had with my family way back. This tourist destination is located at Dominican Hill Road in Baguio and it is very famous for it’s a scary tourist attractions, as many people have experienced a lot of paranormal activity to this place even me. To be honest, I don’t what to feel when we went here but since I have my blogger buds with me, I’m not trying to be scared because I know I got their backs or they got mine (hoooooooo).

According to aswangproject.com,

The former Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City, Philippines sits on top of the Dominican Hill. It used to be a rest house and a seminary way back 1911 before it was developed into a school and eventually, a hotel. During the World War II, numerous nuns and priests were beheaded here. This is believed to be the reason why headless apparitions can often be seen during the night inside the hotel. The employees and guests also claimed that they would often hear strange sounds coming from the building. Crying coming from kids and babies became a common noise, which can be attributed to the massacre of numerous children done at the fountain. The bombs that showered this structure so many years ago reduced it to something almost beyond renewal. Fortunately, it was reconstructed in 1947 and in 1973, it was acquired and transformed into a hotel by Diplomat Hotels, Inc. Managing it then is businessman, psychic surgeon and spiritual healer Tony Agpaoa. Since then, it became the haven of his patients that mostly came from abroad and they stayed here while being healed.

I think every tourist makes it a point to visit Diplomat Hotel as it was told to be haunted and yes I do confirm so too.


We went back to our hotel before we head out to our itinerary for the day and we have readers surprised us! I was literally shocked and stoked to meet them because they’ve been waiting for us since 9 AM I think.


To be honest, I love meeting readers, but I didn’t expect meeting readers this far! In Baguio pa talaga? haha. That’s Joyce and the other was Chris (But I don’t have our photo), thank you so much for waiting for us. Though I know you waited so long but thank you for being so patient. Can’t wait to meet you guys again real soon!


Last stop for the day was Arca’s Yard Cafe! (Woooo! Another hidden gem! I seriously love exploring new cafes as I have a deep relationship with coffees and teas.) This cafe is located at 777 Tiptop, Ambuclao Road and it’s one of my favorite places to go to already when I’m in Baguio! It’s artsy and picturesque place is perfect for coffee lovers like me. Their Camote Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream to match with their ever famous Cloud Tea is the bomb dot com and I wish I can share it to you guys but I ate the whole thing in a few minutes. Oh well, pig life! I’m kidding.


See what I did to my outfit, actually I planned it all out. I know that we can’t always bring everything when we go out of town especially if you’re a fashion blogger, so what I did is I removed my long sleeve inner tee, button it down, tuck it in and changed to slip ons. Perfect for a Cafe OOTD.


After that tiring day, we went back to our hotel and had dinner at Tradisyon Cafe for their Mexican Night Feast and had our very own Social Night at Azalea Residences and Hotels’ function area where we had our Beerpong and Karaoke Night!


Third day and it’s our last day (goes to one corner and cries), I can’t believe my Baguio experience with Azalea Baguio will end so soon but we seized the day and make the most out of it before we head back to Manila.

You know I can only start the day if only I had the best breakfast ever, Azalea Baguio’s Tradisyon Cafe didn’t fail on me! I’m such a food lover and I wish I was a food blogger but I rarely eat. (rarely lol). Their breakfast was on a buffet setting and I have no regrets at all! I tried everything to satisfy my tummy for such a fun-filled day!



Then off we go to Camp John Hay, actually we went here just to take photos. HAHA. This is really what fashion bloggers do guys. All for the blog and social media. Camp John Hay is a perfect place to take a picture of the actual City Of Pines! (key in caption, “What a very Pine Day!”) LOL. Scroll for final pictures of the Pine Trees.



One of the best places to experience an all-out adventure here Baguio is in Tree Top Adventure! This is our last stop before we go. Located at Camp John Hay, Tree Top Adventure offers wide range of activities from Canopy & Funicular Ride, Superman Ride, Silver Surfer Ride, to 20 FT Drop! Cha, Nicole, Duff and I got a little excited for these rides but unfortunately we didn’t ride every ride. But if you’ve been following us on snapchat, you surely know what we did and experienced! If you’re really the type of person who is adventurous and up for something new and extreme I think Tree Top Adventure is for you to try!


After our Tree Top Adventure at Camp John Hay, we were spoiled by Tradisyon Cafe one last time! One of the best meals I have experienced in Baguio was with Tradisyon Cafe. A+ for you, Azalea Baguio!


That’s Kuya Melo, our very patient and caring Kuya for the whole trip in Baguio with Azalea Residences & Hotels in Baguio! Thank you so much for taking care of us and inviting us over!


Lastly, thank you to this bunch for without them this experience won’t be memorable! Thank you to everyone I met from different blog categories and thank you so much, Azalea Residences and Hotels Team and Kuya Melo of Out Of Town Blog for taking care of us during our stay in Baguio! Thank you for the memories, Azalea! ‘Til the next one?

Azalea Residences and Hotels Baguio is located in No.7 Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio City, Philippines.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.azaleabaguio.com. Follow them o facebook here, follow them on twitter: @AzaleaResidence and on instagram: @AzaleaBaguio.

Photos taken using my Fujifilm XM1.

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