Rizza Umlas wins 2015 TGIFriday’s World Bartender Championship

TGIFriday’s is definitely in pure luck as Rizza Umlas, a 21-year-old, female bartender of TGIFriday’s Glorietta bragged the title and showed the world that Filipinas have what it takes to shine in a male-dominated competition at the recently TGIFriday’s World Bartender Championship concluded held at the House of Blues in Dalla, Texas. As far as everyone knows, this is the first time in 25 years that the coveted title went to a female bartender who also happens to be the youngest in the competition’s history. Her accurate pouring skills, guess interaction and engagement, flawless bottle flipping techniques, suave moves, and winning personality that captivated the crowd at the House of Blues. I’m definitely agreeing to her skills and talent as a bartender, because I personally watched her at the recent home coming party last Wednesday at TGIFriday’s, BGC. Seeing her played those bottles and mix drinks for everyone, made me even proud for her. (Stage dad, kidding!)

Umlas ecstatically claimed, that this is such an honor for her but as well as to TGIFridays Philippines and for the whole country as well, she was overwhelmed of what happened and what she had to go through before she even bragged the title.

Her victory is another highlight of TGIFridays Philippines continuous and ultimate success, having been in several citations in different competitions made them even more proud of what’s to come for them this year.

Once again, we have proven that the Philippines is a home to some of the world’s best! I have never been more proud of our country and what we can offer to everyone. I’m truly blessed to be a Filipino!


Congratulations Rizza Umlas, TGIFridays Philippines, and the whole Bistro Group for this one of a kind success! *cheer*

for now let Rizza and the whole TGIFriday’s staff, create you something you can enjoy and look forward to only at TGIFriday’s! To know her whereabouts, make sure to check out TGI Fridays Philippines on facebook, (@tgifridaysph) on twitter and instagram and do check out their website at www.fridays.com.ph!

Photos by Me & Ida Anduyan.

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