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Looking for a hotel in Makati City that is easy on the budget and at the same time you want it near in the liveliest and entertaining part of the city, then I suggest putting the Red Planet Hotel Amorsolo on the top of your list, with the hotel’s strategic location and convenient roundabouts in it’s area, the Red Planet Hotel group brought the brand to the Philippines to cater the needs of the people who wish stay in a hotel that is very comfortable, with a highly valuable accommodations and admirable services, but in very attractive prices.

Getting to Red Planet Hotel Amorsolo was easy as a pie because it’s literally inside the heart of Makati, going around the city from the hotel was really hassle-free. It’s nice that the hotel is just a few meters away from Makati Medical Center (perfect for medical needs) and within the range of Makati’s Central Business District, which businessmen would love. Malls such as Glorietta, Greenbelt, SM Makati, and Landmark are a few minute cab ride from the hotel which makes me think that I’m really in the right hotel to stay in. Also, if you’re a foodie like me and into night outs, the hotel is near to hundreds of restaurants, bars, and chill spots that are perfect to start and cap of your day! And going back to your hotel won’t be a problem, just look for the big red where ever you’re near at it and right away you can go back. – The iconic Red Planet Hotel sign is one of my favorite because of the consistent and fancy branding they put up for the place.

Red Planet Hotels Amorsolo Makati City 22

(NOTE: See what I’m talking about. It’s really a big Red Planet Hotel sign, so I believe you and I won’t get lost anytime soon. haha!) by the way, credits to google for this outside building of Red Planet Hotel Amorsolo.

Anyway, TIME TO CHECK-IN! tick-tock tick-tock.

The standard time of checking in was supposed to be at 2PM but of course the little kid inside of me who’s excited for hotels wants to check in earlier so I said asked if I can come in at around 12 in the afternoon and the front desk said that I can!


Checking in was smooth and well-organized, I just presented my ID and instantly I got my respected room key! Say hello to hassle-free check-ins.


One of the things I always look forward to in hotels are their amenities and literally Red Planet Hotel Amorsolo stunned me with it’s hip and cool vibe at their lounge area. Of course the branding is still there with its red accent and compiled images of awesome places. I love how Red Planet Hotel Amorsolo provides Mac Desktop Computers for their guests to use whenever they want. They also have a wall at the other side of the desk lobby which provides cool board games, a photo booth section, and a some items which the hotel sells.


Time to tour you inside my awesome space during my stay at Red Planet Hotel Amorsolo. Though I know rooms are standard but I think I just got the best one. Room rates vary but are really affordable, nonetheless. You can have a room that has 2 single beds in it, it’s called the Twin Room or literally a queen-sized one called Double Room. I had to spoil myself so I got the Double Room. This huge custom-made, comfortable, crisp-linen bed is all mine for the next few days. The room was fully air-conditioned so my whole stay was such a breeze. It has a private toilet and soothing-power showers with soap, shampoo, bath mat, and towels provided. My room also has its own high-speed Wi-Fi with my personal username and password (no sharing haha! I’m just kidding!), a 40-inch flat screen TV, an in-room safe for my valuables, and.. Wait girls will love this, well I semi-liked it too since I need it for my hair.. a hair-dryer! (I can see a smile in your face already. haha!) Also if you’re a travel junkie with a laptop every time, the room also provides a foldable table right beside your bed perfect if you’re working at the same time if you want to sleep already. LOL!


For a value hotel, I was literally in shocked because everything was so nice and well-presented. The bathroom was very clean, clean linen sheets for the bed are itch-free, and an everyday room service was provided as well. Which makes me wanna stay more. Another staycation please? 🙂


Ohh hello that’s me enjoying my warm-soothing shower. (For the record this super duper effort photo was taken using a tripod and my Go Pro in multiple shoot settings. Gotta get the perfect bathroom shot! Oops, nip slip!)


Whenever you’re staying at any Red Planet Hotels, download their app and you can actually use it to contact the front desk or lobby of the hotel if you need anything from room service or if you want to contact an outside line. They are very approachable and easy to talk with! What a top-notch hotel right? An app to contact the front desk plus a free high-speed Wi-Fi connection per room! 5 stars for that! You can also use this app to access some cool and hip restaurants and chill spots around the hotel too.

P.S. The Red Planet Hotels App is Available on App Store & Google Play. So there are no excuses that you can’t download their app when you’re there!

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Red Planet Hotel Amorsolo has literally surpassed my expectation for a value hotel. They provided me the best level of comfortability, nicely done accommodations, and convenience through its well-presented rooms, entertaining facilities and amenities and best quality of room services. So I guess it’s true, Red Planet Hotel Amorsolo and all other Red Planet Hotels are here to RED-efine the way guests stay in hotels; that is to give the guests all that they need without worrying how much they would actually spend. Thank you so much Red Planet Hotel Amorsolo for letting me experience this! More staycations please?

Red Planet Hotel is located in nearby cities as well around the Philippines; such as in Aseana City in Parañaque, Metro Manila, Quezon City, Ortigas, Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan De Oro. (Just letting you know what are their other key branches, for this information you’ll be able to plan your next trip and what Red Planet Hotel you want stay in whenever you’re out of town.)

For direct bookings, you may visit Red Planet Hotels website or book directly to my blog, just place your info inside the widget of Red Planet Hotel beside this post. Happy staycation!

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Phone: +63 2519 0888

All photos and content are mine unless otherwise stated.

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